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TÉMA: wholesale Gas Engine Oil

wholesale Gas Engine Oil 9 mesiacmi 1 týždňom pred #9082

Fuel gas
● Product performance meets API quality standards
● Excellent high temperature antioxidation and anti - nitrification performance, lubricating performance is more stable.
● Excellent cleaning and dispersing performance, low phosphorus, low zinc, low ash formula, effectively prevent plug of spark plug, prevent the formation of combustion chamber sediment, and prevent the damage of the three-memes.
● Excellent high temperature oil film forming ability, high performance anti-friction agent can effectively reduce wear, especially the wear of the seat and stem guide
● Excellent viscosity-temperature performance and oil pressure maintenance performance, good cooling performance.
● Applicable to all kinds of compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) or dual-fuel engines.wholesale Gas Engine Oil
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