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TÉMA: China Melt Surface Polishing Treatment

China Melt Surface Polishing Treatment 3 mesiacmi 1 týždňom pred #9256

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Stainless steel wire polishing is used for surface grinding and surface untreated metal sheets. Special needles are particularly effective for product polishing and wire drawing of stainless steel metal structures. Used to solve welding, scratches, Rust, stains, paint, burrs and other planes, arc, internal corner grinding.
Stainless steel wire polishing through the machine's balanced manual operation and random motion, in the process of processing will not form shadow, transitional zone and uneven decorative surface; It can quickly smooth scratches and welds, can effectively reduce wire lines, easy to use, polishing can achieve the mirror effect, so that your product can not be seen as a blemish.China Melt Surface Polishing Treatment
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