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Title: top quality cnc machined aluminium parts processing
Description: High quality CNC processing depends on the tool path and after processing meticulous, if the tool path is very good, but after the post processing can not do well after processing can not be done, but the knife road is not possible or not.
Item:top quality cnc machined aluminium parts processing
Available materialsAluminum, Stainless, steel, brass
Surface RoughnessRa 0.8-Ra3.2
DRW format.jpg/.pdf/.dxf/.dwg/.igs./.stp/x_t. etc
EquipmentCNC Machining center,
MOQ50PCS for small 10PCS for big peace
QC SystemQC reports, Qc inspection
Payment termT/T, PayPal
Surface treatmentElectroplating ,Power Coating, oxidation
Shipment Terms:15~20days lead time. By DHL/TNT/FedEx express, air freight etc.
PackingPrevent from damage.
Lead timeTimely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.
With the development of modern science and technology, new requirements for Ultraprecision Machining Technology have been put forward. The emergence of new materials and new parts, higher precision requirements and so on need ultra precision processing technology, the development of new ultra precision machining machine tools, perfect modern ultra precision machining technology, in order to adapt to the development of modern science and technology.
At present, the high precision requirements of machining are as follows: the ordinary machining precision is doubled, the precision of the precision machining is increased by two orders of magnitude, the precision of precision machining is increased by two orders of magnitude, the precision of ultra precision machining enters the nanoscale (0.001 m), the spindle rotation precision is 0.01 -0. 05, m, the machining roundness is O. l m, and the machined surface roughness R. =0. 00 3, m and so on.
Precision is to meet the needs of the development of high and new technology, as well as to improve the performance, tore and reliability of ordinary mechanical and electrical products, reduce the working disk in its assembly, and improve the assembly efficiency. With the development of high and new technology and the improvement of mechanical and electrical product performance and quality requirements, machine tool users have higher and higher requirements for machine tool machining accuracy. In order to meet the needs of the users, the machining precision of the ordinary numerical control machine tools has been improved from 10 to 5 for the last more than 10 years. The precision of the machining center of the precision level machining center is increased from the soil (3-5) m to the soil (I -1. 5J M m).
1. Q:How many regular package in our product?
A: We have Automatic packaging machine and traditional flat bag usually 1pcs/ bag 500PCS a big bag, then the suitcase has 5 bags.
2. How to arrange payment?
A: T/T, L/C ,Paypal
3. Q: Can you visit our factory?
A: Yes, Welcome we have built a factory of 2,000 square meters, with 15 large CNC milling machines and 200 employees.
4. Q:Shipping method:
A: FOB or any deliver way
5. Q: Test requirement:
A: Salt Spray test (24H、48H、72H),Stretch test,wear-resistant test,alcohol test, adhesion test, etc.CNC Machining in stock
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