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BoilX If a person needs to be cleaned, you can make black clay masks once a week or use a scrub once every 2-3 days. The nose is the first thing the interlocutors notice, and if it is large, then its owner is most often tormented by an inferiority complex throughout his life. However, self-eating can be left in the past, if you take up the problem thoroughly. A big nose for its owners is a real punishment. Sometimes they don’t even want to look in the mirror once again. But you can’t live like that, you need to make attempts that will make the appearance more attractive, and the nose less noticeable. Thanks to cosmetic tricks, you can divert attention from the big nose and visually reduce it. Often, to achieve this, you need to slightly change the shape of the eyebrows, or rather, change their thickness and bend. It’s better, of course, to entrust this matter to experienced makeup artists, but with certain skills you can do it yourself. So, to balance the overall appearance of the face, the eyebrows should be with a pronounced bend or round. Correct eye makeup will also help correct the situation. For it, you should use dark shadows in the inner corner of the eye, so they visually narrow the bridge of the nose, and the nose will seem smaller than it actually is. If you order glasses in the original frame, you can hide the big nose. Of course, not everyone has vision problems, but you can just put a zero-glass. However, for some people the complex is at the expense of points, but this is yesterday, and thanks to this accessory you can complete your image by adding laconicism to it. For owners of a large nose, dark frames are perfect, where the lens frame will be narrow, with sharply defined angles. They can also be advised on bright original forms that will shift the emphasis from the bridge of the nose to the eyes. An experienced surgeon will advise what shape will look organic on the face, and also confirm that the operation is really necessary, since the shape of the nose really spoils the appearance, and this problem is not far-fetched, as it often happens. Moreover, thanks to new technologies, you can see your new nose before rhinoplasty, usually the surgeon makes a three-dimensional image in a computer program, after which the client makes the final decision. Psychologists say that not the appearance of a person is the key to his happiness, but his attitude to himself.
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