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TÉMA: PUBG Mobile vs Rules of Survival Mobile

PUBG Mobile vs Rules of Survival Mobile 3 mesiacmi 6 dňami pred #9564

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PUBG Mobile vs Rules of Survival Mobile: What are the differences?
PUBG Mobile and RoS Mobile are probably two of the hottest survival games today with excellent graphics and engaging gameplay. Gamers can play both PUBG Mobile and RoS Mobile on a variety of devices and platforms. So if you have played these two games, do you know the differences between them? Let’s find out some differences as well as similarities of these two games in this article.

1, Similarities
Both PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival Mobile are obviously survival games – one of the most popular game genres today. They are all developed with the Battle Royale gameplay concept in which gamers will be parachuted from a plane and land on an island. Once you have landed, you have to quickly find equipment, weapons, supplements and fight against other players to become the last survivor in these games. In general, the gameplay of PUBG Mobile and RoS are exactly the same. Apk games at Apkafe

Another similarity is the weapons system. If you have played both these games, you will find some types of guns with identical names. However, not only PUBG Mobile and RoS but also other survival games all have the “must-have” guns like AK47, M4A1, AWM, M249, and more. Playing modes are quite similar with modes like Solo, Squad or Team Battle. You can experience the same gameplay and play those modes in both games.

2, Differences
In addition to similarities we mentioned above, PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival have many differences which create the unique attractions. Depending on hobbies and tastes of the player, each game has its own strengths and advantages.

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The first difference that probably everyone knows is that these two games are developed by different game producers. PUBG Mobile was built by Tencent game studio after being licensed by Bluehole in the end of 2017. Two studios of Tencent have created two independent versions of PUBG Mobile that have the same graphics and gameplay as the PC version.
The number of players in a battle is the most different feature of two games. While PUBG Mobile allows 100 gamers to participate in the battle, right in the first version of Rules of Survival, the number of players is 120, and now it is up to 300 players – the highest number among the hottest survival games available on the market today. Rule of Survival has updated Robot Droid (a robot character) that brings gamers a new experience while playing.
PUBG Mobile and RoS have differences in character costumes and items as well. Of course, there are some similarities in the graphics, but you can still notice the differences that make each game unique in their own style.
Hopefully, with this information, you can better understand PUBG Mobile and Rules of Survival – the most popular survival games today online apk downloader. Feel free to share it with your friends if you find it useful!
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